Technical Details
Weight 160,00 lbs - 175,000 lbs. (72,575 kg - 79,379 kg)
Transport height 13' 8" (4,17 m) over wheel with buckets
removed from bottom and from the top
Transport length 45' 3" (13,79 m)
Transport width 144" (3.66 m) with digging motors removed,
34" (86 cm) D7 track pads
Width with
extended tracks
168" (4,27 m)
Standard Features
Creep control operator selectable digging pressure, automatic operation | Toolbox with locking doors | Engine doors with security locks
Fuel and
hydraulic tank
aircraft quality locking caps
Gearboxes and hydraulic tanks
pressurized with 5 PSIG filtered breathers
Flywheel gearboxes shaved, helical gearing, case hardened for extreme shock load
isolator mount
used on engine, radiator, oil cooler
Wheel Trencher | Wolfe Man 8000 Wheel Trencher | Wolfe Man 8000
Model Caterpillar C15 ACERT*
Description turbocharged and air to air after cooled
Number of
6 in-line
Maximum no
load RPM
Maximum gross
horsepower at
no load
540 (403 kW)
Cooling medium extended life coolant
Cooling rating adequate for 130 deg F (54 deg C) ambient air temperature
Air cleaner dry type, centrifugal pre-cleaner with primary
and secondary filters
Oil filter full flow canister
Fuel filter primary and secondary
Electrical system 24V starting, 12V controls
Fuel tank capacity 376 gal. (1,423 l)
Fuel consumption
at full load
28.9 gal/hr (109,4 l/hr)
Operating range 13 hours
Wheel Trencher | Wolfe Man 8000
Overall Track Length 146.3" (3712 cm)
Track pad type single grouser
Track chain type Caterpillar D7
Track chain pitch 8.5000" (21,6 cm)
Track pad width 34" (68,4 cm)
Crawler Drive
Dual path, hydrostatic drive, planetary transmissions capable of full counter rotation with single lever steering, single lever direction
Infinitely variable speed: forward and reserve, hight range: 0-2.06 mph
(3.32 km/hr) low range: 0-1.17 mph (1.88 km/hr)
Integral parking and service brake: spring applied, hydraulic release, wet disc brake
Wheel Truck Assemblies
Four assemblies, two upper and two lower with standard 14" (35.6 cm) ride diameter wheels | Factory set heavy-duty tapered roller bearings | Heavy-duty mechanical seals with replaceable elements
Wheel Trencher | Wolfe Man 8000 Wheel Trencher | Wolfe Man 8000
Hydrostatic one pump and two motors
Description reversible and shiftable
Belt speed infinitely variable 0-1000 FPM (0-305 m/min.)
Conveyor belt
48" (122 cm)
Discharge height variable
Discharge direction rigth or left
Manual conveyor fold
Hydraulic System
Type pressure and flow compensated (load sensing)
Pump flow max. 45 GPM (170 l/min.)
Pressure setting 2500 PSI (172 Bar)
Oil tank capacity 203 gallons (768 l)
Oil type Exxon Mobil Delvac 10W
Wheel Trencher | Wolfe Man 8000
Headshaft assembly
Hardened alloy steel shaft with multiple flanges for easy "diggin-width" changes | Hardened reversible split drive sprockets
Trencher Drive
Hydrostatic 160,00 lbs - 175,000 lbs. (72,575 kg - 79,379 kg)
Depths 13' 8" (4,17 m) over wheel with buckets
removed from bottom and from the top
Widths of cut 24" to 36" (60 cm - 90 cm)
Three operator selectable wheel speeds 0-7 RPM (351 ft/min.)
0-10 RPM (500 ft/min.)
0-12 RPM (600 ft/min.)
Digging Rims 1-1/2" Plate (3,8 cm) width forged steel
segments multiple drilled for or bucket set-up
Available cutters rotary carbide tipped 1-1/2 diameter (3,8 cm) shank, H&L dirt teeth and pockets, Tesmec
combo pockets for dirt & conical tools,
ESCO type teeth and adaptors
Work light package: 24 V for night use | Laser control system | Twin hose reel package: connections to power hydraulic tools | Cab vandalism protection | Straight conveyor with winch fold

* Caterpillar and Cat are trademarks of Caterpillar Inc.